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  • Two floor joists below the center hall area (orange marking tape) have been dry rotted and were overlooked during remodeling....have a carpenter repair or replace the damaged floor joists



  • The are wiring irregularities within the panel box....have an electrician evaluate the panel box configuration, making any repairs that are necessary....there are multiple wire going to the same circuit breakers, and some circuit breakers appear to be "oversized"

  • The three-way switch, at the entry way door of the sunroom, is not wired correctly and needs to be repaired by an electrician....currently, the sunroom light will only operate with the kitchen-side switch
  • The ventilation fan in the rear bedroom bath is not operating....have an electrician repair the exhaust fan
  • Note....although some wiring upgrades(grounded circuitry) have been initiated, not all three-prong outlets within the interior rooms are actually grounded circuits.....original wiring still being employed

  • Within the crawlspace and below the bath area, an open 240V wire connection needs to be enclosed in a junction box....all work must be done by an electrician
  • A junction box is resting upon the ground below the bath area, and must be secured to the floor joists
  • In the attic, at the air handler, the 240volt wire connection must be enclosed in a junction electrician must do all work


  • "Upgraded" wiring in the hall bathroom did not include GFI outlet installation.....have an electrician install GFI outlets.


  • The drain line for the laundry does not appear to be connected to the septic system....although a common practice is rural communities with poor drainage, it is not a correct instillation....verify from the sellers if this is correct.......have a plumber connect the laundry line to the septic system.


  • The right rear element is not operation....have a qualified person repair the stove element.

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