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The INTENTION of the Cully Weiss Home Inspection report is to allow you to become familiar with the performance of the house which you are purchasing, AND TO IDENTIFY THOSE COMPONENTS THAT ARE "NOT PERFORMING THE FUNCTION FOR WHICH INTENDED".

The report will contain several hundred items that will have been identified or examined... and it is fully compliant with the "Standards Of Practice" established by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board... The formatting is organized into ten chapters that represents the entire house. Should a component "not perform" to expectations, it will be photographed and identified... recommendations for repairs are noted, as are recommendations for the most qualified profession to make those repairs.

IN ADDITION... For your convenience, your Cully Weiss Home Inspection report WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A PERSONALIZED "SUMMARY PAGE" ... this summary page will categorize all items suggested for repairs... all photographs will be carried from the report to the summary page for quick recognition... be in mind, that although the report is not legally binding with regard to sellers, your real estate Offer To Purchase Contract (paragraph 4c) often allows for negotiations, corrections or consideration... IT IS ESSENTIAL that you encourage your real estate agent to become involved... these are skilled individuals who have been trained to understand the essence of the contract, and to assist you in conducting business...allow your REALTORS' wisdom to be an asset during the conveyance process.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... expect to have your report emailed to you that same day!... "Conducting business just became more effective."

For your information... several areas of the property will be beyond the scope of the state guidelines. You may wish to schedule additional inspections within the time parameters established in your contract... representative areas include:

1. Below ground septic systems
2. Well water quality
3. Termite inspections
4. Environmental testing (mold, fungi, radon, allergens, etc)
5. Soil contaminants testing (oil tanks, toxins, pollutants)
6. Recreational items (pools, spas, irrigation, gas fire logs, etc.)

Hopefully this information has been useful for conclusion. A precise, detailed report with a summary page is imperative!

 Click here to view a Sample Representative Summary Page

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