CHOOSING INSPECTORS: "Expense vs. Experience?"

Hopefully you're "shopping" for a Wilmington NC home inspector, and while pricing should influence in your decision, carefully selecting an inspector who is "experienced" will prove to be considerably more valuable. DID YOU REALIZE, that although every inspector must be issued a license to perform home inspections, the state of North Carolina does not require that any inspector be specifically prepared, tutored, or field trained prior to doing his or her "first home inspection"?...

And although the state does have a "guideline" for home inspections called The Standards of Practice, this rule book only tells the inspector "where to go" and not "what to do" once you get there! Subsequently, the thoroughness of inspections will vary appreciably from Wilmington home inspector to Wilmington home inspector. Only experience and the willingness to discover allows the inspection to become expansive and representative of your best interests.

Although many skilled people have the ability to assemble or design buildings, few have developed the talent of understanding the "predictable deterioration" (atrophy) of structure or the anticipation of mechanical failures. The wisdom of atrophy is not taught. These resources are acquired through time, effort, and diligence... In essence, the ability to understand, discover, and inform is referred to as "applied knowledge". Cully Weiss Home Inspector has continuously demonstrated this talent for over twenty seasons.

The simplest way to identify an experienced Wilmington home inspector is inquire of their license number which was issued by the state beginning in 1996. The first licenses issued began with #1 and are the most recently issued licenses are now above #3000. The "lower" the license number, the "greater" the amount of experience.

In summary, like many decisions, it usually comes down to the amount of money you choose to spend versus the quality of service you expect in return... although not the least expensive, you can be assured that Cully Weiss Home Inspector greatly exceeds the minimum recommendations of the licensure board's Standard Of Practice. You'll receive an abundance of information at a reasonable price.

Experience knows, experience discovers, and experience tells.

To obtain pricing, schedule an inspection, or simply ask questions, feel very comfortable calling Cully at 910-520-5450

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